Value of time in 7 important people’s life

Value of time in 7 important people’s life

What is meant by time?
Do you know?
Time is a phase which is related to an individual of society.
Generally time refers to three points.
  1. It refers to hours, minutes and seconds.
  2. It shows present, past and future.
  3. It reflects situation.
We must have to give value to our time because the moment which passed away can not be reversed.

Value of time:

While I was a teenager, I did not know about the value of time seriously because there was no proper schedule and I used to roam to and fro without doing any object oriented activity.
But, gradually when I grew up and experienced my life while doing my schooling and graduation, I came to know about the value of time. Meanwhile that I used to imitate my mentors and what I noticed that the level of doing work and time was completely balanced. It means that the maximum utilization of time is in our hands to manage by experiencing different situations according to our age. Value of time is really an important factor. Those who value their time, they never see failure. We must respect our time and try to utilize each and every single second by learning and doing something fruitful for ourselves as well as for our society. There is a value of time in everyone’s life whether in a life of individuals, students, teachers, housewives, businessmen, doctors and leaders.

Value of time (Hours, Minutes and Seconds):

When we hire a labour, generally we use to provide wages on the basis of time and skill. Why did I mention this? I said like this because his entire working period is divided into three parts, a simple labour knows this.
The division of working period is:
  • Morning Shift
  • Afternoon Shift
  • Evening Shift
During afternoon shift, he can take only his lunch as he has to complete his task during assigned span of time. Before or after assigned time, he is not allowed to entertain that business. This shows the value of time by an illiterate common labour. Likewise, everyone must value their time because it will never reverse. When a student who appears in examination, before the day of examination, he/she prepares well. Out of 24 hours in a day, he/she spends not less than 12 hours in preparing their subject matter. There is a perfect schedule that is followed by the student for qualifying examination. By implementing themselves, by preparing themselves and by valuing their time, they enjoy fruit of success. Everyone must value each second, each minute and each hour because this is the most valuable time to do any task or to enjoy the time.
The current time is the perfect time.

Value of time ( Present, Past and Future):

What you are living now that is your present time. What you lived that is your past time and what you are going to live that is your future time. Everyone must try to work better in Present because no one remembers your past when your present is good and when your present time is going on well, surely it will make your future better. There is a direct link between Present time to Future time. If one does not give value to one’s time in Present then there is no chance to celebrate victory in future. In every family, each parents focus on their child. Parents always instruct children to learn, to focus on their studies because they know the value of time and they want to make their children’s future bright.
Those who try to build their present well, their future surely becomes well.

Value of time ( It reflects situation):

There are two types of normal situations.
  1. Good situation
  2. Bad situation
Everyone in their life faces these two types of situations. It is depend on an individual how they react. As a coin has two faces similarly an individual’s life has two aspects that is divided into two different categories: good time or bad time. As after sunset, sunrise comes in the same way after bad time, good time takes place. We should enjoy both situations and try to learn from both situations.
Good time makes us happier whereas bad time makes us strongest.
Value of time for an individual:
Time is very important for everyone. From Morning to Night, an individual keeps focus on his/her time. They work according to their time suitability. They never waste even a single second. For a common man, time has it’s own worth. They make their schedule and follow it properly because they know how much time keeps value. They fix their schedule. They set alarm to wake up in the morning because each moment has its own significance.
Value of time
Value of time for students:
For students, time is very valuable. Parents always instruct their children to utilise their time properly. When a child knows the value of time then only he/she can utilise it properly and works in a right direction. Students must focus on their work and divide their time for each work. For a student who has to appear in board examination, a whole session or year does not mean anything because there are various subjects to cover and there are lots of topics to be covered in all subjects. The students must divide their time for every subject and those who divide it, they value their time and they surely qualify board examination with better percentage.
Value of time for teachers:
Teachers have many tasks to do. Even some institutions prefer work from home after taking work from school too. Teachers have different jobs at school like teaching, preparing lesson plan, counseling and building life of their student. As everyone knows, ‘Teachers are nation’s builders’, it means teachers are constructive, they are builders of nation’s future. It is not an easy task to perform different actions in a day but teachers follow their schedule, they value their time and they are successful to perform various tasks in a better way.

Value of time for a housewife:

People think that being a housewife is as easy as to be free but those who think it, they are totally wrong. No job is tougher than the job of a housewife. They used to daily wake up early in the morning. If they wake up 10-15 minutes late than their usual time, they become worry and rush here and there to manage their time. They do many works like cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes, making kids ready and also they engage with their children in all kinds of works like playing, learning, doing homework. From morning to night, they do not get free time to relax and if suppose they get free to time to relax physically then also they do not mentally free because they bear lots of responsibilities of their home. Can you imagine how does a housewife do all these works alone? They do different works regularly by giving value to time. They are one of the best examples who shows value of time.

Value of time for businessmen:

Being a businessman, a person has to think more than a common person because every responsibility is on the back of a businessman. From toe to head, they are the concerned person who do all works and responsible for that. I have seen many bosses who are in the habit of writing diary and they note down their schedule of every day. Their diary keeps them up to date and they manage their time according to that reports or schedule. I really admire it because it shows how much they value their time and they give Importance to their time that’s why they become successful.
Value of time for doctors:
Doctors are not less than God for a patient. When someone becomes sick, he/she has a hope only from doctors. Doctors are busier personalities. They treat their patients. They give value to their time. Time is very important for doctors. When they are going to do an operation they can not be late, when the patients seek for regular checkup, they need to take  an appointment of a doctor and the doctor gives them time and most of the time the doctors never be late. Schedule of doctors are really very busy. Mostly they do not get a chance to take rest and they never waste their time. It shows they value their time.
Value of time for leaders:
Time is important for leaders. There are many popular and devoted leaders like APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Rani Laxmi Bai, Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Mother Teresa who took care of value of time. They always tried to make the whole world the best place to live in. They never did show off. They admired and proved this quote in their lives.
Simple living and high thinking.
They did a lot for their nation as well as the whole world. People still appreciate their sacrifice because they stood for humans’ rights. They gave new definition to judge the value of time by their deeds like sacrifice of Bhagat Singh at right time for our nation India that inchanced the value of time. I often wonder to know the mystery behind practicing ahead with time by these all great and respected leaders of the entire world. Nelson Mandela sacrificed his entire life for the nation South Africa. He was one of the great political leaders for black people. Due to his right time action gave enlightenment and freedom to many people across the world. His theory and sacrifice till now inherits in the blood of human beings when any odd situation comes infront of them, they take right decision that time to time giving right dynamic definition to the value of time. As I felt these all sacrifices did by all the people leaders are underpinning of society.

Value of time in school:

Schools completely run according to the time table or schedule. Ringing the bell, alarm inside the Principal office, a pretty and cheerful smile early in the morning, having and sharing lunch, playing with friends, living the universe within a couple of hours. These all mentioned points are the great examples of value of time in one’s life. Schooling is the best part in everyone’s life that is not reversible. Schools make us learn the value of time. When a student completes his/her school, he/she moves towards college life but they miss their school a lot. They miss each and every thing about their school. They want to live school life again but unfortunately time can not be repeated. It tells us the Importance of time. Personally when I judge the value of time in schools so, I come with a proper conclusion that the existence of school is only because of two things that shapes a child into a great human being. The above mentioned two things are:
The value of time
In each step at school, we train to practice the utilisation of time in significant manner. Once a great person told, 👇
If you want to achieve something in life then achieve to know the value and proper management of time.

Value of time in office:

In office, employees and employers, everyone is busy in doing different works. If they work for 7-8 hours, they are assigned with different works or Jobs and within given time duration they need to complete their work. Except taking their lunch, they do not get free time. They always value their time and because of valuing time, their boss as well as their colleagues respect and admire them. From coming in office to going from office, their time is totally packed up. They give Importance to time that’s why they are known as valuable employees.

How to practice to give value of time in one’s life:

Focus and determination are two integral objectives that help an individual to practice to give value to the time. When people self focused towards the goals or objectives of his life, automatically that situation makes him/her expert in implementing time in an individual’s life. When I saw playing Virat Kohli in the cricket playground then the above mentioned these two strategies give another unique definition to strengthen the value of time and set a new bench mark for the upcoming generation. Like Virat Kohli, everyone must practice to give value to time. By giving value to the time, one becomes determined and successful.
Value of time

Essay on value of time:

Value of time is a relatable thing in everyone’s life. There is no existence of anyone without time. Time shows good situation as well as bad situation. It reflects Present, Past and Future time. It refers to seconds, hours and minutes. There are total 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in a day. Each second is very important in everyone’s life. It depends on human how they give value to their time. For everyone there is value of time whether they are students, teachers, officers, employees, employers, leaders or individual. There is no one in the whole world in whose life there is no Importance of time. Each person is advised to make their own schedule and follow that strictly. Great persons always suggest to make a time table and the reason behind making time table is none other than giving Importance to the time. Those who follow their schedule, they never greet failure in their life. Since childhood, everyone’s parents instruct to their children to wake up early in the morning at fixed time, brush their teeth, take a bath, have breakfast and then go to school. After coming from school, children have another time table to follow as change school uniform, have lunch, take some rest, play with friends, study for 2-3 hours, take dinner and then sleep well. Almost in every house, one may see this schedule of children made by their parents. The main objective behind this schedule is to make the children aware about value of time.
There is a great value of time for housewives as they do the toughest job by taking care of their family. It is not an easy task to take care of a family. From Morning to late night, housewives do their different jobs like they cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, they clean the house, they wash the clothes, they play with children, they teach moral values to their children. By mentally and physically they always do a lot of work. They do not maintain a diary but they manage everything smoothly and perfectly on the time. They are the great example who show value of time. A boss values their time and they give Importance to the time that’s why they are successful. The most important reason behind becoming successful is giving value to the time. If you want to enjoy the fruit of success then start giving value to your time. Your precious time that you spend in doing right tasks, makes you valuable.
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