Types of sentence I 5 important types of sentence

Types of sentence I 5 important types of sentence

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³In this article, you will learn about sentence and types of sentence.

Pay attention!
How are you?
I am your teacher.
Wow! You are a smart fellow.

Can you tell me what have I written in above lines?
Alright! I’ve written some lines. 
But do you Know from where those lines come?


In English grammar, these lines come from the sentence.
Do you Know what is the difference between sentence and phrase?
Read full article to know more about sentence.
So, let’s move further!

Can you define sentence??

Here I’m going to tell you ‘what is a sentence’? 

Definition of sentence.


Sentence-A group of words which shows complete meaning or sense is called sentence. It must show subject-verb-agreement.

Now, what is meant by group of words?
Group of words’ it refers to collection of words.
Next point arises from definition of sentence, what is meant by ‘a complete sense’?
‘Complete sense’ means collection of word must be arranged in a right manner so that it gives meaningful sense.
Third and the last point is, ‘what is meant by subject-verb-agreement’.
Subject-verb-agreement means in a sentence, firstly subject must come after subject, verb (linking verb, helping verb or auxiliary verb) comes and if subject is in singular number then verb must be in singular form and if subject is in plural number then verb must be in plural form.
Let’s understand it with an example

1. The boy speaks well. (Here, subject i.e. ‘boy’ is in singular number and ‘speaks’ i.e. verb also is in singular number as it takes ‘s’ with the main verb to make it singular) So, this Sentence is showing subject-verb-agreement.


2. The boys speak well. (Here, subject i.e. ‘boys’ is in plural number and ‘speak’ which is a verb in this sentence is also in plural form).Hence, it shows subject-verb-agreement.

Note– Sentence must be start with a noun or pronoun.
You may think ” What is subject”?

Subject Doer of the action is known as subject. Subject must be either noun or pronoun.

‘Doermeans the person who performs an action.
Finally, we understand that for a sentence, we must have group of words which shows complete meaning or sense and it shows subject-verb-agreement.
Some examples of sentence are:-
1. Covid19 is a disease caused by a virus named as ‘coronavirus’.
2. Did you get my point?
3. Thank you for reading this article!
Read more to know about kinds of Sentence.

Remember these 3 points for sentence:-

(i) In sentence, there must be group of words.
(ii) Sentence must shows complete meaning.
(iii) Sentence must shows subject-verb-agreement.
Just give a look on the following example-



“In the field.”
Now tell me,
The above example, is a sentence? 
As I’ve told you already, sentence must fulfill three conditions i.e. 
(i) A group of words
(ii)must show complete meaning/ sense
(iii) must show Subject- verb- agreement
So, ‘in the field’ ,It shows a group of words but it’s not giving a complete sense therefore we can not consider it as a sentence.
Now, if it is not a sentence then what is this?

Please pay attention!

If you are getting group of words but it is not showing complete meaning or sense then it is a phrase.
“In the field” 
This is a phrase as it is a group of words but it is not showing complete meaning or sense.

Let’s understand difference between sentence and phrase with these  examples:-

1(a) We are human. (Sentence)
2(b) In the ground. (Phrase)
Let me clear once more!
In 1(a) example, you can see group of words and it is showing complete sense so it is a sentence.
In 1(b) example, you can see group of words but it’s not showing complete meaning or sense so it’s a phrase.

After understanding sentence and phrase, we must Know about types of Sentence which is the most important topic to be learnt.

On the basis of the structure of sentences, it is divided into 5 kinds.
Types of Sentence:-
There are five types of sentence.
1. Declarative/ Assertive/ Statement
2. Interrogative sentence
3. Imperative sentence
4. Optative sentence
5.Exclamatory sentence

Here is an explanation of types of sentence.


1. Declarative sentence is known by two more names – 

(a) Affirmative sentence 
(b) Statement
Declarative sentence/ affirmative sentence or statement shows an idea or fact. It always begins with capital letter and ends with full stop ‘ . ‘
Eg- 1.The sky is blue.
  2.Narendra Damodardas Modi is the current prime minister of India.
Declarative sentence is divided into 2 parts:-

(i ) Affirmative sentences(ii) Negative sentences

* Affirmative sentences show positive sentence or statement.
For example- Life is a miracle.
* Negative sentences show negation or negativity like no, not, never, nothing etc.
For example- Life is not a bed of roses.

2. Interrogative sentence This type of sentence asks questions. It always ends with question mark ‘?’


Interrogative sentence is divided into 2 parts.

(i) Yes/No type questions
(ii) Wh type questions
* Yes/ No type questions- It starts with auxiliary verb ( helping verb) or linking verb.
For example- Did you find this article helpful?
* Wh type questions- It starts with wh word ( question word) like- what, how, why, where, who, whom, when etc.

For example-  What do you know about phrase?

Read this also


3. Imperative Sentence-Among types of sentence, Imperative sentence shows ARC. 

ARC stands for
A- Advice
R- Request
C- Command
 It usually ends with full stop  ‘ . ‘or sometimes ends with exclamatory mark “!”
For example
1- Read this full article. 
2- Please share it to needy one.
3- Learn it!
Note– ‘ Please’ and ‘kindly’ these two words show request.

4. Optative sentence– Optative sentence is one of the most important types of speech that shows wish or desire. It usually ends with full stop ” . ” or exclamatory mark ” ! “

For example
1-  May God bless you!
2- May you live long!

5. Exclamatory sentence-In types of sentences,  Exclamatory sentence shows sudden strong feeling or emotion of a human being. It always ends with exclamation mark ” ! “


Note– Now-a-days exclamation mark is also known as exclamatory mark.


For example-
1-  What a beautiful world!
2- Wow! You look like a gentleman.
Types of Sentence
Types of Sentence



In this article, you have learnt about the following topics:-

1. Sentence
2. Phrase
3. Difference between sentence and phrase
4. Kinds of Sentence
5. Parts of various sentences
If you have any doubt regarding types of sentence, please ask in comment section.
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