School assembly with its 10 important topics

School assembly with its 10 important topics

In each school, students, teachers and other supportive staff start their day with morning school assembly. School assembly plays a very essential role in everyone’s life. In your school life, in my school life or in anyone’s school life, we notice continuity of school assembly. But, do you know why school assembly is important?

Let’s read the whole article to know about the importance and values of school assembly.

Discipline in school assembly

Why is school assembly held in schools?

School assembly holds on the daily basis from the side of school. In school assembly, everyone, whether a student, teacher or any other supportive staff must be present in discipline. It develops ethical and moral values in everyone. It makes everyone to remember the almighty and it gives opportunity to everyone to build a healthy relationship with one-another without any type of discrimination on the cast, creed, religion, colour or gender.

If beginning is good, end is well.

Assembly starts a day in positive way so in the morning, a School starts by holding an assembly.


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What are the parts of school assembly?

There are several parts happen in almost every school assembly. These are as follows:-

Moral story
Thought of the day
Some small competitions
News reporting/News reading
National anthem

∗ Prayer in school assembly

Prayer is the most Important part of assembly. There are different prayers. Method of adopting similar prayer or different prayers is different from school to school. Some schools adopts same prayer for everyday while other schools follow different prayer on different days. While doing prayer, one remembers to God and God gives his blessings to them.

∗ Pledge in school assembly

Pledge is one of the most important parts of assembly. I hope you never attend a school assembly that is without pledge. Haven’t you?
By doing pledge, students take an oath to serve their nation, to respect each and everyone and shows their gratitude towards their nation. It makes us remember to our moral duties and responsibilities.

∗ Moral story in school assembly

We see sometimes in assembly, students tell a moral story. Do you know why? The main motive behind telling moral value is to teach ethical values to the students. A person needs to be morally strong to build a strong and honourable nation. Moral stories must be told by students in school because by hearing something good, we adopt it easily.

∗ Thought of the day in school assembly

There is a major part in assembly that is THOUGHT OF THE DAY. In this part, a student tells a positive and moral thought to everyone. The main purpose of this act is to generate moral and positive vibes in students. In some schools, even a teacher tells moral and positive thought to the students.

∗ Some small competitions in school assembly

Some schools hold a small competitions in school assembly which does not take much time. These small competitions may be debate, speech or any other. Competition makes a student confident so, this part of assembly is valuable for the students.

∗ News reporting/ News reading in school assembly

Very few schools have adopted this part in school till yet. News reporting/news reading must be a compulsory part of assembly because it creates awareness about our society. It is also a part of General knowledge and General Science. Each school has to make news reading/ news reporting compulsory in assembly.

∗ National anthem in school assembly

Every person knows about their national anthem. National anthem is one of the great symbols for a particular nation. Each one has to learn national anthem. In this manner, schools are the best place that make students learn national anthem and value its worth.

How to conduct a school assembly?

First choose a topic for assembly. Selection of a perfect topic is really hard. So, when you are choosing a topic, keep in mind what are the points related to that specific topic that you will cover in assembly. Next, prepare each part of assembly and finally do at least 2-3 times practice then on the day of assembly, give your best with full of confidence.

Read full article to know about some important topics for school assembly.

Why is school assembly Important?

A School has also many other duties and responsibilities rather than teaching subject matters to students. In the list of other main responsibilities are taught by the teachers is to generate moral values in students. It makes the students morally and ethically strong. There is a wide Importance of assembly in schools. Every school should follow a good assembly to start a day in positive way.

How does school assembly develop confidence in students?

Teachers motivate and make students learn how to give their best in assembly. Every school needs to make a scheme for an assembly also just like subject periods. In that scheme, each class should get a chance to hold assembly. From each class, the class teacher should select bold as well as shy student to participate in assembly. Teachers must have to give opportunity to every child. By taking part in assembly, student would develop confident and there could not be any chance of stage fear.

Duration of school assembly

Some schools follow a large duration assembly while other schools follow small duration but duration of assembly must be standard. There should be 15-20 minutes assembly in school. After the assembly, students should go to their respective classroom to learn subject matters.

What are the topics of school assembly?

As earlier I have told you that each class is given opportunity to hold assembly. Class teacher and students of that particular class should decide about the topic of assembly to make it better. There are various topics to follow in  assembly of school. Some topics are mentioned below:-

1. Discipline
2. Respect towards others
3. Meditation
4. Health and fitness
5. Help others
6. Motivation
7. Politics
8. Freedom fighters
9. value others
10. Importance of relationship

These topics might be helpful to you for preparing assembly.

Topics for School assembly

Conclusion- School assembly plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Whether they are students, teachers or anyone. It develops various different values in one’s life. In assembly, students, principal, teachers, supportive staff gather together and learn something new each day. It develops sincerity, responsibility and self-confidence in students.

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