Paragraph writing in English

Paragraph writing in English

Paragraph writing in English

Today we will learn about paragraph writing.

What is paragraph writing?

Paragraph writing is a series of various sentences where each sentence is linked to another sentence and all the different sentences must be relate to a single topic.
In simple words, you can say that paragraph writing is a brief or small piece of writing which contains seven to ten lines or sentences related to a single topic. 
How many types of paragraph?
There are four main types of paragraph writing that you need to know and understand about. Except these four types of paragraph, you may get other types of paragraph writing too but for easy learning, these are four types of paragraph, you must know about and these four types of paragraph writing are continuously in use.
  1. Descriptive Paragraph
  2. Narrative Paragraph
  3. Expository paragraph
  4. Persuasive Paragraph
Descriptive ParagraphAs the name is showing, this type of paragraph gives description about any topic. It tells about the topic of paragraph writing. There are five senses which are: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, used in this type of paragraph writing. 
Narrative paragraph: This type of paragraph tells us a story. In narrative paragraph, there is a clear beginning, middle and a perfect conclusion. This type of paragraph writing is explained in detail.
Expository paragraph: This type of paragraph explains something or provides instructions about something. It also provides knowledge about something or procedure of something step by step so the reader can learn and understand it properly. A writer must do some research before writing expository paragraph. 
Persuasive paragraph: This type of paragraph accepts  readers to understand a particular point of view. Many teachers focus on this type of paragraph writing as it builds arguments. It often requires for collection of facts and researches. In schools, this type of paragraph writing mostly in use.
Writing paragraph in English
Writing paragraph in English


Difference between paragraph writing and essay writing.
In order to write a good paragraph, students need to understand the importance of these four elements and how each element contributes to the whole paragraph.
The four elements to write a good paragraph are:
  1. Unity
  2. Order
  3. Coherence
  4. Completence

UnityIn a paragraph writing, unity starts with a topic sentence. It must show about an idea of paragraph writing. Every paragraph has one main idea that must be show with its topic. In order to write a good topic sentence, first think about your main theme and all the points you want to make then start writing as your topic sentences. Each sentence must be linked to another sentences. 

Order: When you write a paragraph,  do not forget it to adjust it in correct order. As the name is pointing, order refers to the way you are arranging your supporting sentences. A good paragraph always has a definite organisation. Order in a paragraph writing is very important as it tells about motive of your paragraph writing and does not make any confusion for readers.
Coherence: The quality of paragraph writing which makes it clear and understandable for readers, is known as coherence.  In a paragraph writing, sentences must be connected to each- other to show a work as a whole. Your paragraph writing is completely depend on coherence because readers will attract towards your paragraph writing only when they understand it in a better way.
Completeness: It means a paragraph should be well written and complete. It makes a paragraph complete. In a paragraph writing all sentences must be connected to each-other so, it supports main topic.
Write a paragraph writing on ‘value of sports’. Read more.

What are the parts of paragraph writing?

For writing a good paragraph, you need to know about three main parts of paragraph writing. The basic paragraph writing is divided into three parts-
  1. Topic sentence
  2. Supporting details
  3. Concluding sentence
Topic sentenceIt is the beginning point of paragraph writing. It shows us how the main idea relates to the whole paragraph. Generally, topic sentence is the first sentence of writing a paragraph. All subsequent sentences used in paragraph should support topic sentence.
Supporting details: It is one of the most important parts of paragraph writing. You may say it gives support to topic sentences. After topic sentence, the next part is supportive details as it explains details about topic sentence. It should be mention after research, experiments and facts.
 These are the following common source of supporting details-
  1. Expert opinion
  2. Brief stories
  3. Personal experience
  4. Your own analysis
  5. Facts and statistics
  6. Research studies
  7. Others’ experience
  8. Interviews
Concluding sentence: Each paragraph should end with a final end. Concluding sentence should summarise or gives conclusion about the whole paragraph.
What is a simple paragraph?
A simple paragraph contains a group of sentences which links to each other sentences.  A simple paragraph writing is used in debate, discussion or arguments.
What is a good paragraph?
A good paragraph contains these three main points: topic sentence, supporting details and concluding sentence.
Types of writing paragraph
Types of writing paragraph


How many steps are there to write a good paragraph writing?

There are six steps to start a good paragraph- 
  1. Decide the topic of your paragraph
  2. Develop a topic sentence
  3. Demonstrate your point
  4. Give meaning to your paragraph
  5. Conclude
  6. View and proofread your paragraph
Decide the topic of your paragraph: Before beginning paragraph writing, decide the topic of your paragraph about which you are going to write.
Develop a topic sentence: You need to think about your topic sentence as topic sentence shows or deliver idea of the whole paragraph writing.
Demonstrate your point: while writing a paragraph, you should like each sentence to other senteces so the readers can read it properly. 
Give meaning to your paragraph: Your paragraph must show complete meaning because no one likes to read an incomplete paragraph.
Conclude: When you finish paragraphwriting so, before you should give conclusion of paragraph writing. It will be beneficial to readers.
View and proofread your paragraph: In the last when your paragraph writing is complete, view your paragraph and do proofreading as to make it error free. 
What are the qualities of a good paragraph writing?
A good paragraph writing should be arranged in a right sequence, sentences must be correlated to each other, it should be free of grammar mistakes and error.
How long is a normal paragraph?
A normal paragraph should consist of 100-200 words or 7-8 sentences. All the three parts of paragraph writing ; topic sentence, supporting details and concluding sentence must be there.
What is the difference between a paragraph and an essay?
A paragraph writing expresses a single idea where you use various sentences to complete it’s meaning and an essay consists of several Paragraphs where those paragraphs are divided into three parts: introduction, main body part and conclusion.
Write a paragraph on the following topics:-
  1. Punctuality
  2. Value of sports
  3. Dreams
Punctuality is the quality of always being on time. It is really one of the great qualities of humans. Those who possess it are always respected everywhere. A punctual person always become successful as they value their time. In many foreign countries, people are punctual so they are successful but in case of our lives, some of us do not value time so we are far away from success. Everywhere we obey a person who is punctual. Always remember ‘a punctual person is a succesful person’.
           Value of sports
‘ A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. You know it very well that we should live a healthy life and for living a healthy life, we must do exercise. Sports is one of the best forms of exercise because it provides a lot of fun and happiness in our life. Happiness makes us healthy. This is the reason that sports are compulsory in all schools besides giving us fun and exercise, it develops various qualities such as self-discipine, confidence, team-spirit, co-operation, punctuality, sincerity and sportsman spirit. These qualities are needed to make us a successful person.
‘Man is a born dreamer’. We all dream  but dream has two types: first, we dream while we asleep and we have no control on that type of dream. Type two is the dream of wakeful eyes, they reflect our ambitions and future plans. What we dream, we get. Everyone dreams but it is up to us whether we are dreaming only or transforming into reality also. Dream is the first key to become successful in our life as dreams transform into actions and actions transform  into reality. Those who are able to make their dreams come true, their names are written in the gold letters in the book of history.

I hope now you understand about writing paragraph.

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