Essay writing in English

Essay writing in English

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Essay writing in English:-

Hello everyone! Let’s learn about essay writing, it’s types, tips to write a good essay, how to write different essay, purposes of writing a good essay,format of writing an essay,how many paragraphs an essay consists of and an essay on Covid19 in English.

As you know well, in our lives, we need to write essays on various topics in various languages but there are many chaos regarding essay writing whether in English, Hindi, French or any other language.
Firstly, you must know what is essay writing.

What is essay writing

Essay writing is an essential document where writer or author shares his/ her own point of view or arguments.

What are different types of essay writing

There are four different types of essay writing. These are as follows:-

  1. Expository Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Narrative Essay
  4. Argumentative Essay
Let’s learn about these types of Essay writing in English.

Expository Essay: ‘Expository’ means intend to describe something. In this type of essay, a writer writes his/her thoughts or ideas. It is one of the most common types of essay writing.

Descriptive Essay: Descriptive Essay shows description about any topic. It describes essays with parts of speech and figure of speech and creativity of language.

Narrative Essay: Narrative essay shows narrator’s own point of views or ideas. This type of essay is known as reader friendly.

Argumentative Essay: It is just like Expository essay, only one difference can be seen between Argumentative Essay and Expository Essay i.e. for writing Argumentative Essay, writer must do a lot of research.

Format of essay writing in English

Essay format is a series of guidelines that shows how a paper is arranged. It consists of title page, essay outline, essay structure and it’s conclusion.

How many paragraph an essay consists of.

There are three paragraphs, an essay consists of. These are as follows:-
  1. Introduction
  2. Main body
  3. Conclusion

Introduction: It gives a hint about the topic of an essay. It opens the paragraph.

Main body: In ‘main body’ part of essay writing, it shows all the major ideas or thoughts about the topic of the essay.

Conclusion: It summaries the whole paragraph and closes the essay writing.


Tips for essay writing in English

For writing a good essay, you must follow some tips. I am sharing seven tips for writing a good essay.

1. Choose a topic: Selection of topic is very important in essay writing because the whole essay is depend on your topic. So, before writing an essay you must have to choose a nice topic.

2. Prepare an outline of your ideas: After choosing topic, you must have to do research and prepare a list related to your ideas or thoughts according to the title of essay writing.

3. Write your own statements: While writing essay, you must frame your own sentences related to topic of an essay writing.

4. Write introduction of essay: Introduction is one of the main parts of essay writing. It opens the paragraph.

5. Write body of essay writing: Write body of essay writing by choosing suitable sentences and describe it.

6. Write conclusion: It closes and summaries the paragraph.

7. Give your essay a finish touch:  When you completed essay writing, do the proof reading of whole essay and make it error free.

How to write different types of essay

There are four types of essay: Expository essay, descriptive essay, narrative essay and argumentative essay. For writing essay, you must follow these key points:-

1. Decide what type of essay is to write: Among four types of writing essays i.e.Expository essay, descriptive essay, narrative essay and argumentative essay, decide what type of essay you are going to write.

2. Brainstorm your topic: Make your essay friendly by choosing easy language, nice vocabulary and developing ideas and thoughts.

3. Research the topic: Do research about the relevant topic and find out different ideas.

4. Develop a thesis: Thesis is the main point of writing essay. It is essential to write a sentence which shows what the topic of an essay is about.

5. Outline your essay: It shows your essay is well designed and full of creativity. Outlining of essay is very necessary as it attracts readers.

6. Start writing an essay: After preparing all those above five points, start writing an essay. Your essay must be clear and easy to read.

7. Check spelling and grammar: In the last, do the proof reading of essay and correct your errors (if any).

What are the purposes of writing an essay

There are three main purposes to write an essay. These are as follows:-
  1. To persuade
  2. To explain
  3. To entertain

To persuade: It is one of the most common purposes to write an essay as the writer can show his/ her thoughts or ideas.

To explain: If the writer wants to explain about something, he/she can explain with essay writing. People also write essay when they want to explain something.

To entertain: Through essay writing, writers and readers both can enjoy. Writers also write for the purpose to entertain their readers. For entertaining purpose, essay must be full of creativity.

Write an essay on Covid19

The unrivalled Covid 19 pandemic is spreading rapidly in all parts of the world and country after country responded with lockdown. Covid19 is a disease which is caused by Coronavirus.
No one is pretty sure from where this virus has come but each part of the world is facing many difficulties due to this disease. No one is living freely as earlier. Employees can not go to their office without tension, hawkers are not free to sell their materials and students can not go to their school as schools are closed now-a-days in several parts of the world.
In a single line I can say, “We all are trapped due to this harmful virus.” It has given a negative impact in everyone’s life. We can not do anything as earlier. People can not  travel for their own enjoyment, No one can enjoy outside. Nothing is happening as earlier. When we go outdoor, we must have to put face mask, use senitizer or hand-wash and take all the necessary precautions. Our life is totally change due to this pandemic.
As Covid 19 is a type of disease so, surely it will leave our world one day and again we will be free from worries. Only our safety can keep us safe. Everyone is suggesting, ‘stay home stay safe’ and yes, it is the only way to break the chain of Coronavirus.
Full form of covid19
Full form of covid19
So, I hope essay writing, it’s types, tips to write a good essay, how to write different essay, purposes of writing a good essay,format of writing an essay,how many paragraphs an essay consists of and an essay on Covid19 in English are cleared now.
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