English parts of speech chart, 9 important parts of speech

English parts of speech chart, 9 important parts of speech

English parts of speech  chart, 9 parts of speech:-

In this article, you will learn about the most important topic of English language that is parts of speech and different types of speech with their definition and various examples.

What is parts of speech :-

Parts of speech is a group of words that is divided words into various categories.

  • Please read full article to get definition of all 9 parts of speech
Earlier there were only 8 parts of speech but now-a-days there are 9 parts of speech in Modern English. One more is added that is known as Determiners.

In this way, we can divide parts of speech into 9 parts in Modern English.

-) Here is the chart of English parts of speech.
  1. Nouns
  2. Pronouns
  3. Determiners
  4. Adjectives
  5. Verbs
  6. Adverbs 
  7. Prepositions
  8. Conjunctions
  9. Interjections
Now here is definition of each type along with their few examples.
  1. Nouns:-  A noun Is the name of a person, an animal, a place or thing. In other words, we can say all the naming words are known as Noun.
For example:Sneha, Pencil, Boy, Train, Man, Lord, Sun etc.
English parts of speech chart
In the above image, you can see it is an image of a cake and “Cake” is a naming word so it’s known as Noun.

Examples of first parts of speech in few sentences:-

  1. Rohan works in a factory.
  2. She plays badminton
  3. The girls are roaming on the road.
  4. They eat chocolates.
In the above examples, you are getting first parts of speech that is Noun.
Rohan, Badminton, Road, Chocolates are noun in the above four examples. 
2. Pronouns:- Pronoun is a word which is used at the place of a noun.

For example:- I, They, Her,Me, Your, Their, Ourselves etc.

Examples of second parts of speech that us Pronoun in few sentences:-

  1. They move slowly.
  2. You are requested to be quite.
  3. She is a perfect girl.
  4. He is one of my friends.

In the above four examples,  They, You, She, He are second parts of speech that is Pronoun.


3-DeterminersIt determines a noun or noun phrase. Determiners are used together with noun or noun phrase to show whether noun/noun phrase is used in general or specific term. It is also known as articles.

For example- A, an, the

“A” and “An” are known as indefinite determiner/ article.

“The” is known as definite determiner/article.

Note (In Modern English, Determiner is added in the list of English parts of speech chart .)

Examples of parts of speech determiner in few sentences:-

  1. An old man was walking slowly. 
  2. A boy was enjoying rain.
  3. The girls are loving their life.
  4. She is an innocent fellow.

In the above examples An , A, The, An are determiners.

4-Adjectives:- An adjective is a word which qualifies a noun or pronoun.

For example:- Pretty, smart, intelligent, some , Brave, Calm etc.

This is a splendid waterfall.
*Now in the above example, waterfall is a naming word and the word “splendid” qualifies waterfall ( a noun) so the word “splendid” is an adjective.

Examples of parts of speech Adjective in few sentences:-

  1. We are living a healthy life.
  2. You are the best child in her class.
  3. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a noble personality.
  4. I have a red band.

In the above examples of parts of speech Adjective, Healthy, best, noble, red are Adjectives.

5-Verbs- A verb Is a doing word. In other words ,we can say all the action words are known as verb.

For example:-Read, learn, play, understand, eat,move, admire etc.

  Examples of Parts of speech Verbs in few sentences:

  1. He is doing his work.
  2. The men are working hard.
  3. Please pray for the entire world.
  4. Praise the Lord!

In the above four examples, Doing, working, pray, Praise are Verbs.


6- Adverbs:- An adverb is a word which modifies an adjective, a verb or another adverb.

For example:-happily, very, everywhere, here, silently, calmly etc.


 Examples of Parts of speech Adverbs in few sentences:-
  1. They talk slowly to each other.
  2. I always carry a hand bad with me.
  3. She often sings a song.
  4. His best friend runs in the Morning.

In the above four examples, slowly, always, often, Morning are adverbs.


7- Prepositions:- Preposition is made up of two words: that is ‘pre’ and ‘positioned’.  (Pre+ positioned)
A preposition is a word which placed before a noun or pronoun and shows its relation with other noun or pronoun.

For example:-in, of ,at ,under, over, amid, on,around, toward, with, within, near etc.


■ Examples of parts of speech Prepositions in few sentences:-
  1. The cat is sitting under the table.
  2. I have my book in the bag.
  3. She works harder to show her power.
  4. You are standing at the gate .

In the above four examples of parts of speech Prepositions, under, in, to, at are Prepositions.

8-Conjunctions:- Conjunction is a joining word. In other words, conjunction is a word which joints two words, phrases,clauses or sentences.

For example:- Because, or, and, but, or, for, neither, nor, either, or, so etc.

Examples of parts of speech Conjunctions in few sentences:-

  1. Some teachers are strict because they need to teach the students how to be well disciplined.
  2. He woke up late in the previous morning as he was busy in doing his work till late night.
  3. The ladies talk and their kids are playing.
  4. You must have to make a great plan for educating poor children.

In the above four examples of parts of speech Conjunctions, because, and, as, for are Conjunctions.


9-Interjections:- An interjection is a word which shows inner feeling or emotion of a human being.

For example:Alas!, Bravo!, Oh!, Hurrah!,Wow!, Phooey!  etc.

Note- ( Interjections always carry exclamatory mark with itself in English parts of speech chart ).
Examples of parts of speech Interjections in few sentences:-

  1. Oh! He has not admitted his mistake. 
  2. Alas! His aunt is no more.
  3. Bravo! Your team has performed well.
  4. Hurrah! The winner is my friend.

In the above four examples of parts of speech Interjections,  Oh!, Alas!, Bravo!, Hurrah! are Interjections.

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