Importance of English language with 10 other important topics

Importance of English language with 10 other important topics

Do you know why is English language treated as an international language? English is an international language because all over the world, in each country people can understand and speak English to convey their ideas or opinions. It is treated as a common language. Each country has its own mother tongue but if people from other nation wants to talk to them then it would be impossible for both countries’ people to understand each-other’s matter.In this situation, English language works as a common language for both people of different nations.


Importance of English language

English is one of the most important languages. All over the world, people use it to speak, understand and write. It also works as a common language for different people in different nation. Even in each school of each country, it is treated as a mandatory subject. In every field, in each profession, people who speak English are appreciated by others.


Role of English language

It is one of the most important languages that has been spoken in the entire world. Everywhere people are familiar with this language. There are various languages in the whole world but English is treated as the most important language. We all are aware of importance of this language. In each sector, it is used by many people.


Why is English language treated as an international language?

We all know this fact that English language is known as an international language but do you know why? According to me, It is known as an international language because in each nation it is used by people as a common language. It does not matter that what is the regional language of that area but it is treated as a mandatory subject or language. A large group of people everywhere are familiar with this language. In all countries English is treated as a second language so, it is known as an international language.


Use of English language

English is used across the world to communicate to one-another. It helps people to get a better professional opportunity as well as a better lifestyle. It helps people to limit language barrier. In schools, hospitals, offices everywhere it is used by many people. Even in tourism department, English helps different people to talk and understand one-another. Many institutions are promoting English speaking classes so that people of their nation would feel easy to speak and understand this international language easily.

English language

Importance of English language for students

In each school, for the students of every grade , there is a separate subject is arranged by the council which is known as English. It is a mandatory subject to learn and understand. It does not keep matter that the school is of which medium but English is one of the main subjects in every school. In English language, students learn about rules along with speaking English fluently. It is really an important subject for everyone because in professional life, they need to speak fluent English and by speaking fluently, students may get better opportunity to earn their livelihood.


Importance of English language for tourism department

Tourists visit different states, different countries for traveling purpose but it is impossible that in other state or nation, other person would be familiar with their regional language so for removing this language barrier, everyone know use of international language. Generally, we can notice that guide speaks fluent English and the reason behind appointing an English speaking guide is to understand and promote English language and remove language barrier.


Importance of English language in different profession

In every profession, use of English language is very wide. People concentrate more on speaking English. An employer always wants an employee who does the job carefully and may speak fluent English. By speaking English, one can get better opportunity as well as they can also get appreciation and respect.


Necessity of English language

Being an international language, there is a wide necessity of English. From a smaller kid to older one wants to learn and speak English. Everywhere it is in huge demand. An employer wants an employee who can speak English. A teacher wants to make his student learn how to speak and understand English because they know about necessity of this language. It is used everywhere whether we talk about a city, state or country.


Impact of English language on society

We live in a society where people attract towards show off more quickly than reality. Now-a-days,in today’s era, people are fascinated towards using English. Those who speak and understand fluent English, they get more fame in our society. It is an international language so everyone use it because our regional language may not be understandable by others who do not know it but surely being a common language, everyone is familiar with it. A large number of people in the society use English properly and they are promoting this international language. This language provides a positive impact on the society.


Benefits of English language

There are various benefits of each language which is spoken and used in society. Likewise there is also many benefits of English language. In this era, English is used more often by everyone. There are infinite profits of this language and that is the main reason of its popularity. A person can get better job opportunity especially in private sectors. An employer may appoint a better, passionate employee who would do smart work. A child can get better knowledge of international language and the most importantly by having good knowledge of English, one can survive well in any state or nation. So, there are many benefits of this language.


How are schools helpful in promoting English language

Schools are really very helpful in promoting this language by different means. There is a separate subject of English in each school. Every child has to learn English. Even in some schools, there is a separate class for English speaking which is managed by a special educator. School is the best social place in a child’s life where he meets with others and learn different acts and manners. So, for making children’s future bright, school are promoting international language. Many schools arrange debate competitions so students could speak English as much as they can. The main motive behind promoting English in school is to make students able to survive well anywhere in the entire world.



English language is an international language. There are various uses of this language. Every country is promoting this language because it is a common language which creates a link between different people of different nations. In various sectors, English is used by a large number of people. In today’s era, people are fascinated of learning and speaking English as it has become so popular. Schools, hospitals, tourism departments and many other sectors are promoting English speaking. A person who knows how to speak and read English can survive well anywhere in the entire world. Everyone must use it properly to live well in this society.

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