Noun-Gender in English.

Noun-Gender in English.

Noun-Gender in English:-

In English language, Noun-Gender is one of the most important topics.

Among various categories of ‘noun’ like noun- kinds, noun- number and noun case, ‘Noun- Gender’ is also one of the categories of Nouns.

What is Noun-Gender?

Noun-Gender:- It denotes whether a person or thing is male, female, common (both male and female) or non-living.

In another words, gender denotes species of someone or something.

How many genders are there? Name them.

On the basis of the above definition, Noun- Gender is divided into 4 kinds.
These are as follows-
  1. Masculine Gender
  2. Feminine Gender
  3. Common Gender
  4. Neuter Gender
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Let’s learn and understand about these four kinds of gender.

What is Masculine Gender?

1. Masculine Gender:- It denotes male category. This gender is used for male, men or boys.

For example- Uncle, Brother, Sun, Cock, Peacock etc.

What is Feminine Gender?

2. Feminine Gender:- It denotes female category. This gender is used for female, women and girls.

For example- Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Hen, Peahen etc.

What is Common Gender?

3. Common Gender:- It denotes both male and female category. This gender is used for male, female, men, women, boy, girl.

For example- Teacher, Parents, Doctor, Engineer etc.

What is Neuter Gender?

4. Neuter Gender:- It denotes non-living things or the things which do not have life.

For example- Ring, Mirror, Tube light ,Painting etc.
We’ve learnt about all the different four kinds of Noun-Gender.
What are the ways to change masculine gender into feminine gender? Read full article.
Let’s learn more about gender.

What is a gender- specific Noun?

A gender- specific Noun refers to specifically someone or something to a male or female. It depends on the meaning of a noun.
There are many nouns to be changed from Masculine Gender to Feminine Gender, as follows-
Masculine gender     Feminine Gender
  1. Master.                                 Mistress
  2. Landlord.                             Landlady
  3. Jew.                                        Jewess
  4. Shepherd.                            Shepherdess
  5. Bachelor                               Spinster
  6. Bridegroom.                         Bride
  7. Headmaster.                        Headmistress
  8. Duke.                                      Duchess
  9. Monk.                                     Nun
  10. Wizard.                                  Witch
  11. Son.                                        Daughter
  12. Colt.                                        Filly
  13. He.                                          She
  14. King.                                       Queen
  15. Milk- man.                              Milk- maid
  16. Servant.                                  Maid- servant
  17. Benefactor.                            Benefactress
  18. Earl.                                         Countess
  19. Stag.                                        Hind
  20. Drone.                                      Bee
  21. Drake.                                      Duck
  22. Hart.                                        Roe
  23. Dog.                                         Bitch
  24. Manager.                                Manageress
Masculine Gender changes into feminine Gender
Masculine gender changes into feminine gender.


Now, here are four ways to change Masculine gender into feminine gender:-

1.  By changing entire word of masculine gender, we can get feminine gender.
  1. Father- Mother
  2. Brother- Sister
  3. Nephew- Niece
2. By adding syllable (ess) in masculine gender, we can get feminine gender.
  1. Poet- Poetess
  2. Author- Authoress
  3. Priest- Priestess
3. By adding (ess) in masculine gender for making feminine gender but in masculine gender, the last vowel must be dropped.
  1. Actor- Actress
  2. Tiger- Tigress
  3. Hunter- Huntress
(As you have seen in above 3 examples, in masculine gender ( actor) the last vowel is ‘o’ so while changing into feminine gender, we dropped vowel ‘o’ according to the rule. Likewise, in both other examples too (Tiger and Hunter) we have dropped last vowel while framing feminine gender.)
4. If in masculine gender, you are getting compound Noun so, while changing into feminine gender, either a word should be replaced.
  1. Grandfather- Grandmother
  2. Stepfather- Stepmother
  3. Son-in-law – Daughter-in-law
Let’s understand conversion of masculine gender into feminine gender with the help of 10 examples used in Sentence.

Question-  Change gender in the following sentences.

1. My landlord is blessed with a baby boy.
   My landlady is blessed with a baby girl.
2. Mr. Sharma teaches him English.
    Mrs. Sharma teaches her English.
3. His father is really a nice man.
    Her mother is really a nice woman.
4. The hunter was moving slowly as he had not seen a lion.
  The huntress was moving slowly as she had not seen a lioness.
5. He-goat ran behind a milkman.
  She- goat ran behind a milkmaid.
6. Manservant cooks delicious meal.
    Maidservant cooks delicious meal.
7. Her husband is caring her family too.
   His wife is caring his family too.
8. May your father live long!
   May your mother live long!
9. My grandfather lives in Delhi.
   My grandmother lives in Delhi.
10. Who is your favourite actor?
     Who is your favourite actress?
I hope conversion of gender from masculine to feminine is cleared now.
Let’s look this image.
Masculine gender, it's feminine and neuter gender
Masculine gender along with its feminine and neuter gender.


In the above image, you can see how masculine gender changes into feminine gender and together both masculine and feminine gender makes Common gender.
As, Father and mother both gender make a common gender which is known as ‘parents‘.
Husband and wife both gender make a common gender which is known as ‘Spouse‘.
Man and woman both gender make a common gender which is known as ‘Person‘ or ‘People‘.
Bull and cow both gender make a common gender which is known as ‘ Animal‘.
Waiter and waitress both gender make a common gender which is known as ‘Server‘.
Points to remember-
  1. Pronoun also has gender.
  2. Pronoun ‘He‘ denotes masculine gender.
  3. Pronoun ‘She‘ denotes feminine gender.
  4. Pronoun ‘We‘ and ‘They‘ denote common gender.
  5. Pronoun ‘It‘ denotes neuter gender.

I hope this article is helpful for learning about Noun-Gender, kinds of gender, conversion of masculine gender into feminine gender.

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