Informal letter with 4 helpful examples

Informal letter with 4 helpful examples

In earlier time, when there was no service of mobile phone, computer or laptop. How did the people talk to one other who were living far away?

Do you know?
In ancient times, there was a single medium or way to sent or receive  message from different people or do conversation with the people who lived far away from us and that way is known as LETTER.

What is letter?

Letter is a medium of conversation which one does generally via post.
How many types of letter writing?
There are two types of letter writing:-
  1. Formal Letter
  2. Informal Letter

What is informal letter?

We write an informal letter to the persons for personal purpose. We write informal letter to whom we know personally. Generally, it is written to known persons like father, sister, friend, cousins.

What is formal letter?

We write a formal letter to the persons for business or professional purpose. We write a formal letter to whom we know professionally. Generally, it is written to Principal, Government authority, Teachers etc.
In this article, you will learn about informal letter, it’s different parts and format along with four examples.

What are the differences between a formal letter and an informal letter?

These are some main differences between a formal letter and an informal letter.
  1. A formal letter is written for professional purpose but an informal letter is written for personal purpose.
  2. A formal letter is written to the person whom we know professionally and an informal letter is written to the person to whom we know personally.
  3. A formal letter takes receiver’s address with itself but an informal letter does not take receiver’s address and only takes sender’s address.
  4. A formal letter consists subject but there is no need to write subject in an informal letter.
  5. In a formal letter, in subscription part ‘Yours faithfully’ comes but in an informal letter, in subscription part, ‘Yours affectionately’ comes.

What are the different parts an informal letter consist of ?

An informal letter consists of different following parts.
  1. Sender’s address
  2. Date
  3. Salutation
  4. Body of the letter
  5. Subscription
  6. Name and Signature

What is the Format of an informal letter?

Here is the format of an informal letter.

Sender’s address
Body of the letter
Name and Signature
Format of an informal letter
Explanation of above parts of informal letter in detail.
℘ Sender’s address- It shows address of the person who sends a letter. Address must be end with pincode of the area.
℘ Date- It consists date, month and year when the letter is written.
℘ Salutation- It shows greeting and generally start with the word ‘DEAR’.
℘ Body of the letter- Body of the letter is very important. It tells about the whole matter. It is divided into these following three parts-
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
Introduction- It begins an informal letter. It introduces letter. In this context, sender expresses his/her well being and ask about receiver’s well being.
Main body– It tells the whole situation. In this section, generally we are having few situations like: happiness, sadness, any difficulty. As per that receiver creates a realistic picturization of particular situation.
Conclusion– In this section, sender generally shorts out the problem or describe his/her ideology towards narrated positive ( happy) or negative (sad) situation.
℘ Subscription- It takes first name of sender.

Four different examples of informal letter:-

1- Write a letter to your mother asking about her health.
HN- 34/35,
04th October, 2020.
Dear Mother,
How are you? Yesterday, I talked to father. He told me you are feeling unwell from several days and you are not taking medicine properly on time.
I am really feeling desperate to know about your condition. You are the backbone of our family. If you are well, we will be happy.
Kindly take care of yourself and take medicine on time regularly. I am waiting eagerly to get a good news about your health.
Yours affectionately,
2- Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his achievement.
M.I.G- 48,
Agra- 283101.
05th October, 2020.
Dear friend,
How are you doing? I hope you are doing good there. I am also living happily here with my family members.
I heard that you are qualified in C.A examination.
I am feeling so happy after hearing this news. You made us feel proud.
All the very best for your future!
Yours affectionately,
3- Write a letter to your cousin sister informing her about your recent Shimla trip.
House no- 154,
Gandhi Ashram,
Meerut- 250002.
6th October, 2020.
Dear sister,
I hope everyone is fine there. We are also well here.
I wrote this letter to inform you about our recent Shimla trip.
We headed towards our journey via train. It was such a splendid journey. v From Ambala railway station, we hired a cab for Shimla. The road trip from Ambala to Shimla was really full of greenery. After three-four hour journey, we reached Shimla. We booked a hotel room and took a bath and lunch then we went to various tourist places and enjoyed alot.
It was really a mesmerizing trip. I hope next time we will go together to enjoy the beauty of nature in Shimla.
Lots of love!
Yours affectionately,
4- Write a letter to your father requesting him to enroll you in a coaching centre.
H.I.G- 402/403,
A.N.L colony,
Lucknow- 226004.
26th October, 2020.
Dear father,
How are you and everyone in our family? I am also well here.
You would be glad to know that I had given my first semester examination and got 95% and in my entire classroom, I stood at first position.
Now I want to enroll myself in Maths coaching class for preparing board examination.
I am studying approx 9 hours daily and promise to you that I will gain more than 90% in board examination.
Please send me some money so that I could take admission in Maths coaching class.
Sending love and greeting for everyone in the family!
Yours affectionately,
I hope above three different examples of Informal letter are useful.
Points to remember while writing an informal letter
  1. Be careful regarding punctuation marks.
  2. Until address is not completed, put comma only.
  3. After writing pincode in sender’s address, put full stop.
  4. In subscription ‘Yours’ must be Possessive Pronoun.
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