Determiners examples I What are useful determiners I 4 types of determiners

Determiners examples I What are useful determiners I 4 types of determiners


In English,  recognition of a determiner is very easy. Earlier there were eight parts of speech but now, in Modern English there are 9 parts of speech. In eight parts of speech: Noun, Pronoun,  Verb, Adverb, Adjective,  Preposition, Conjunction, and Interjection, one more part of speech is added and that part of speech is known as determiners.

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What is determiner

Determiners play an important role in English Grammar. Determiners are words which come before a noun or pronoun and shows whether a noun is specific or general. Determiners also limit, determine and introduce a noun. In easy words, you can say determiners are words that decide, limit or determine something about the noun it follows.

Determiners perform the following tasks:-

  1. It comes before a noun.
  2. It introduces a noun.
  3. It determiners a noun.
  4. It tells whether a noun is specific or general.

Determiners examples in English

Definite– The

Indefinite– A, An

Demonstrative– This, That, These, Those 

Quantifiers– Some, any, much, many, few, little 

Possessive– His, her, my, your, their

Numbers– One, thirteen,  fifty

Distributive– All, either, every 

Determiners are divided into four types and each type has different uses. Let’s learn in detail.

Four types of determiners with examples

There are four different types of determiners. These are: Articles, demonstrative, quantifier and possessive.

Determiners examples

Let’s learn about each type of determiners with their examples and uses.


It refers whether a noun is specific or general. Article is divided into two parts. These two parts are:-

  1. Definite article
  2. Indefinite article

 Definite article– ‘The’ is a definite article. It is used with a specific or particular person or object.

E.g.- The Sun, The Ganga, The United States of America, The Times of India

Indefinite article-  ‘A’ and ‘An’ are two Indefinite articles. They are used with common person or object.

E.g.- A man, An aeroplane, A university etc.

Article ‘a‘ is used when noun starts with consonant sound and having singular number.

E.g.- A basket, A door, A mother etc.

Article ‘an’ is used when noun starts with vowel sound and having singular number.

E.g.– An honest man,  An ink-pot, An ambassador etc.

Determiners ( Articles) examples in sentences:-

1- The Yamuna is a holy river.

2- I like to travel in the Rajdhani Express.

3- They play a musical instrument.

4- He loves to eat an ice-cream.

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This, That, These, Those are demonstrative determiners. These all four demonstrative determiners point out towards an object.

This– It is used for pointing toward an object which is near to us and having singular noun.

E.g.- 1- This is my villa.

2- This is her pen.

That– It is used for pointing towards an object which is far away from us and having singular noun.

E.g.-1- That is his bungalow.

2-That is my scooty.

These– These, a demonstrative determiner, is used to point towards objects which are near to us but having in plural form or noun.

E.g.-1- These are my copies.

2-These are my articles.

Those– Those, a demonstrative determiner, is used to point towards the objects which are far away from us and having plural form.

E.g.- 1- Those are his candies.

2- Those are your sketches.

Determiners (Demonstrative) examples in sentences:-

1- This is an answer.

2- Those are his papers.

3- These are my colors.

4- That was my locality.


A quantifier is a determiner that goes before a noun and shows quantity of a noun. Some, any, many, much,few, a few, the few,  little, a little, the little are quantifiers.

Some– It shows numbers and quantities and used in affirmative sense before plural nouns or uncountable nouns.

E.g.- 1- The basket has some fruit in it.

2- I have some questions to ask.

Any- It is used in negative sentences with countable nouns.

E.g.- 1– She does not have any book.

2- He has no any pen.

Many- It is used to show numbers and used in plural sense and with countable noun.

E.g.- 1-Rahul has many friends in his school.

2- I have many books to read.

Much– It is used to show quantity or amount and used with uncountable noun.

E.g.- 1- That old woman had much money.

2- Shakespeare had much knowledge of English Literature.

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Few, A few and The few are used with countable nouns but they have different uses.

Few– It is used to show hardly any or almost nothing.

E.g.– 1- Few men can cheat their friend.

2- Few children do not like to watch T.V.

A few- It refers to ‘some’ and has positive meaning.

E.g.– 1- A few actors are real heroes.

2- There are a few sincere students in the class.

The few– It shows not many, but all those are.

E.g.– 1- The few tomatoes left in the basket are rotten.

2- The few lady teachers have already left home.

Little, A little and The little are used with uncountable nouns but they have different uses.

Little- It shows almost nothing. It has a negative meaning.

E.g.– 1- There is little rice in the bowl.

2- Here is little water in the jug.

A Little– It refers to ‘some’ and has positive meaning. 

E.g.- 1- There is a little water left in the pitcher.

2- There is a little salt in the vegetable soup.

The Little– It refers to the meaning of not much but all that there is.

E.g.-1- The little water left in the pot was drunk by birds.

2- The little grain left in the jar was eaten by sparrows.

Determiners ( Quantifiers) examples in sentences.

1- Have you any doubt now?

2- She has a little knowledge about French.

3- I will give him many manuscripts.

4- Few women speaks rudely.

Possessive determiners:

It shows possession or ownership. My, your, his, her, their, our are possessive determiners.

E.g.- 1- I read my book.

2- They keep their secret.

3- We should obey our elders.

4- He does his work perfectly.


Let’s do some exercise part.

Insert suitable determiner in the following blanks-

1- __ Japanese were defeated in __ war.

2- __ years ago, there was _humble  king.

3- There is no __ use to do this.

4. He sold __ shoes in half price.

5- __ is my Mathematics practice book.

6- Have you drunk __ coffee?

7- Life is _ wonderful present given by God.

8- Do not take __ stress.

9- He has __ money to buy utensils.

10- __ are our houses.

Answers of previous questions:-

1- The , the

2- Many, a

3- Any

4- His

5- This/ That

6- Some

7- A

8- Much


10- These/ Those

Conclusion– Determiner is an essential part of speech. In Modern English, it has become a part of speech. It determines, limits and decided something about noun. There are four types of determiners: Articles, Demonstrative, Quantifiers and Possessive. Each type has different use.

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